tiny house D

So, here we go!! Started the new tiny house yesterday. At least what I call started meaning digging in the ground, laying out the corners, uncovering the utilities and trying to remember what we were thinking three years ago.

The real start was some weeks ago during lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner conversations with Tracy about timing, design, and the future of travel.

Lots of phone conversations with Grace helped. Back and forth texts and photos and Grace reminding me that the reason the utilities are in the lower left corner is that we reversed the floor plan for tiny house B and changed the window layout.

Got the permit from the county a few weeks ago and then; rain. Waiting to start had me reflecting on the fact that as someone who thrives on order this life and work has very little. The order comes in when the posts get notched for the beams and the floor system is squared and there starts to be a shape that will be shelter.

The real satisfaction is being able to share a tiny house in the woods during this disorderly time for all of us.


The corners set and squared for “tiny D”
Saved a nice tractor bucket of compost from the hay bales that were used to cover the utility trench
Everything is level using the “laser beam” (pinky to corner of cheek)