tiny D gets a front door

and then sometimes everything works just like it should…

On Tuesday Virginia Frame Builders Supply delivered all the studs and headers and roof joists and sheathing to close in tiny D.

Everything is perfectly laid out so I can get to it with the tractor and load the pieces onto the floor of tiny D to put them together.

Wednesday is super exciting. The kind of exciting that makes me wonder if it’s rational to be taking on this task alone. But good.

Sunrise is beautiful. It’s chilly but there’s no wind. Great for working hard and hopefully seeing a wall go up by the end of the day.

The in between is just a bunch of stuff that I’ve been doing for my whole life. At best there is a pace to it that is very satisfying. From time to time, panic.

Tractoo, as we are fond of calling it, has no trouble tipping up the completed wall. I get a picture at sundown through the front door of a new house. What it is all about. Can’t wait to stand on the peak of the roof and get another new perspective on the world.