The best part of my job is that I get to meet so many really interesting people. A close second is all the different projects and ideas that they have and being a part of bringing them to life.

Jeremy Hale,, had this super cool windmill for sale and my clients Ken and Mary fell in love with it. Ken and Mary have a small farm on the river in Nelson County and wanted to put an old existing well to good use.

After removing the old well head and checking out the well we learned that the well is 60 feet deep and has 40 feet of water in it. That fact along with the sycamore trees only 60 feet away let us know there’s a lot of water available. What a find!

We prepared the concrete slab and anchor plates. Jeremy and his crew showed up to set the thing yesterday. It got exciting when the wind picked up just before the feet of the windmill were welded down. Oh yeah, in case Nelson isn’t crazy enough! Our welder couldn’t make it so Jeremy got Jeff Fletcher, co-owner of Woodsmill Distillery, to do the welding.

Great welder, great spirits! Great day!

Jack Buni