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We created tiny nelson to represent the best of Nelson County, Virginia.  Inspired by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the incredible natural resources that this area provides, we have created a lifestyle that is rich and interesting, a mix of the simple country comforts and refined luxury.  We practice skills that people here have been using for generations, growing, and preserving food, building shelters and working with wood.  We do so in a way that is sustainable, practical and mindful of the environment.

We built Grace’s Place, four unique tiny homes constructed with environmentally conscious materials and energy efficiency in mind.  These homes offer the detail and luxury of a high end hotel suite and introduce our guests to the possibilities of a tiny home lifestyle.  Custom details and furnishings demonstrate that tiny house living affords plenty of space for artistry and comfort.

Nelson County is a home to artists and creatives.  The homesteading practices of this area shape our experience.  Conservation of land and natural resources remains a part of our historical legacy.  We strive to integrate these traditions into our everyday life.  In our mill shop, we use local materials to make everything from reproduction historic moldings to fine furniture.  We grow and harvest our own food and enjoy the products of our local farmers and fellow businesses.

Come stay with us in one of our tiny houses.  See us building green, gardening, canning and working with wood. Enjoy spending time outdoors in all four of our beautiful seasons. Learn a little more about country skills, self reliance and living off the land while experiencing both the well known and off-the-beaten path treasures of Nelson County.  Leave with a greater understanding of what makes Nelson County such a unique and wonderful destination.