join the tiny nelson mission


tiny nelson represents the best of Nelson County Virginia; living and sharing a life that is interesting, fun, sustainable and practical. Folks in Nelson believe in thinking global by staying local. Growing our food or buying it from nearby sources. Hunting for our protein (its free! And organic!) Building your own shelter… and sharing it! Creating power with renewable sources. Getting your water from out of your ground, and putting it back in, not a chemical treatment plant.


We formed tiny nelson to represent these ideals and to showcase how to do it. Come see us building green, gardening, canning and preserving produce, even meat! Enjoy spending time outdoors in all four of our beautiful seasons. It’s all part of being spiritually and physically healthy. Living, as human animals should.


Tracy and I are not “from” here even though I was born in Charlottesville and Tracy has been here with me for over 25 years…but our children are! Maeve is at UVA and Grace runs Grace’s Place, our tiny house community. They are Nelson Countonians through and through. So are Murphy, Spenser, Maple Bobby and the chickens.

Join us!