Our Approach

We aim to create personal relationships with each of our guests and clients, providing nothing but the very best accommodations, experience, and workmanship. The moment you walk in your door, tranquility, comfort and quality will always be the goal!

Our Story

The desire to live in a beautiful location and have the freedom from the expense of traditional homeownership is what inspired the construction of Grace’s Place, our first tiny home community. Tiny Nelson intends to bring luxury without excess to home owners in our region and across the country. We have more than 40 years and two generations of custom home building experience. We believe that less should be more and that you will never sacrifice comfort and luxury in a tiny home space.

Meet the Team

Tiny Nelson is a family endeavor and we believe that combining our various backgrounds gives us the unique niche in the tiny home market.

Jack Buni

Founder, CEO, Contractor

Jack has over 40 years of experience in construction and design. His work encompasses historic restoration, new construction, fine wood working, and furniture making. He is an avid tiny house builder and enthusiast.

Grace Buni

Design Expert, Marketing Manager, Builder

Grace has a BFA in Fashion Design and has since become a Tiny Home Designer. She has been doing construction work for many years and enjoys both interior and exterior design. Grace was born and raised in Nelson County and is newly engaged! and continuing her adventures with her wedding planning and events career.

Tracy Buni


Tracy is an avid gardener, cook, and chicken whisperer. She has many years of architectural design experience. She has been a part of the Nelson County community for more than 25 years.

Next Steps…

In order to meet with any of us in person, online, or over the phone send an email to the link below!

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